As a Microsoft Licensed Partner, we not only provide the software tools and applications, but also consult on the required configuration, provide full implementation, offer training of staff, whether system administrators or users, and after-sales support to such a high level of quality that assures the customer support from our company and Microsoft alike. This is the one area we do not compromise. We always strive to ensure that our staff are kept abreast of all software updates and upgrades, attend training sessions and meetings to stay in touch with the latest technical enhancements; additionally, that they participate in specialized certification training courses that will in turn allow them to provide our customers with top-notch service and support.
During past months our company has made many seminars inside and outside of Jordan showed growth and distinguish company in information technology section in national level, and the most important seminar that have had as well substantially to raising the level of the firm:

Seminar in Amman:
As we have created our new brand image we had to lunch our company in a major even to all our stake holders in Amman, first seminar was to lunching our company and the activities was including a formal dinner and lunching event under the patronage of H.E the mister of telecommunication Eng. Basem AlRousan, it turned out to be a major success with many participants from several sections in Jordan, whom where every interested in our presentation and lunching of our brand and the service we provided. Some of the products we presented include share point , Axapta and CRM, NAV, which was also support by the Microsoft office executive manager in Amman who presented his delight and enthusiasm for our brand.
The results of the conference was satisfactory and great benefit to the company, where the most of guests expressed admiration for what we did during the conference, and indicated interest in more information. Hence, on that note the management decided to do similar event every year in Jordan to promote the company and its services.

Seminar in Libya:
Similar to the event in Amman, a seminar in Libya was planned as part of our strategy to expand in the region.
The event was planned on the 25th of October , the participants was from top VIPS in the privet and public sectors in Libya.
The event covered similar topics as in Amman and focused on Navision, SharePoint, Axapta and CRM that have high potential in the Libya market.
The result was unexpected specially the Libyan market is a very virgin market and very conservative, where the most of participants after a seminar have expressed interest in significantly."
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